We offer a range of programs and services designed to meet the unique needs of immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs and families in the Fargo-Moorhead Area.

We provide a wide range of Services which includes:

  • Entrepreneurship Training Workshops

    Our cornerstone program is the 12-week intensive Entrepreneurship Training Workshop series. These classes provide a step-by-step guide to starting or expanding a small business.

  • Financial Literacy Education

    Building personal finance skills is key to economic security. We offer workshops, coaching, and resources on topics like budgeting, taxes, credit, banking, and more to help individuals and families manage their money wisely.

  • International Market Plaza

    This small business incubator located in our offices provides retail space for over 40 immigrant-owned startups annually. Tenants receive affordable rent and support to test their business models.

  • Translation & Interpretation¬†

    Many immigrants struggle with language barriers. We provide translation and interpretation services in 5+ languages to help clients access economic and government services.

  • One-on-one Business Advising

    In addition to workshops, We provide individualized one-on-one business advice to clients. Our advisors help entrepreneurs refine their business plans, work through specific challenges, connect with resources, and more. Advising is available in multiple languages.

  • Access to Capital

    Graduates of our Entrepreneurship Training are eligible to apply for microloans from $500 to $50,000 to start or expand a business. Loans feature affordable rates and customized repayment plans.

  • Youth Program

    Activities including business competitions and financial education camps nurture entrepreneurship and financial skills in immigrant and refugee youth. 

  • Technical Assistance

    IDC partners with lenders, government agencies, and nonprofits to provide training and increase immigrant access to programs and services.

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